ESG - Environmental, social and governance

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The global health crisis and the materialisation of non-financial risks all over the globe shed some new light on the importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainability matters. The topic is about to become even more actual for every asset manager. 

ESG in the banking and insurance sectors - Key milestones - Timeline

The ESG framework for the banking and insurance sectors is vast and complex, with many intertwining legal texts and obligations that vary in scope and compliance deadline. To meet this challenge and stay ahead of the game, you should know about key ESG milestones – and contact our experts if you need assistance! [Last updated on 15/12/2022]

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Eyes on ESG

To better understand all the challenges and issues related to ESG and sustainable finance, our experts have put together a new series of videos that tackles specific regulations and concepts on the ESG topic. Start watching here_

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About ESG

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SFDR, Taxonomy, NFRD - The three musketeers of sustainable finance

In mid-March of 2021, ESAs published a consultation paper regarding the Taxonomy-related disclosures for financial products in the context of the SFDR. On the 21st of April 2021, the EU Commission published the “April Package”. Among other things, it includes:
  • the final technical screening criteria of the Taxonomy,
  • the revision of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive (NFRD) by the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).
Learn more with Antoine Peter in this video:


Statements by the CSSF on the application of the SFDR

[23/03/21] European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) have published a new version of the draft Regulatory Technical Standards under the SFDR. In a press release dated 12 March 2021, the CSSF encouraged market participants to already begin referring to the new draft RTS when applying the SFDR. More details in this short video with Antoine Portelange.



Q&A: The world of sustainability - an introductory video on this key topic.

Sustainability-related disclosures in the financial sector will become mandatory, as indicated on the timeline below.

2020.06 - Timeline - ESG-SFDR - ok

Fast-track for sustainability-related disclosures



Why funds and managers should already be thinking about ESG requirements

In response to growing concerns over climate change, and as part of broader efforts to connect finance with the specific needs of the European and global economy for the benefit of the planet and our society, sustainability considerations are more and more integrated into companies policies.





ESG and sustainable finance





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>09/07/2021 RTS revised

 Learn more_



> 18/01/2023 - - ESG duties in the insurance sector – a medley of multifaceted and highly technical requirements (Pierre-Michaël de Waersegger, Emmanuelle Mousel and Sophie Selftsick)
> 01/12/2022 - Private Debt Investor - Promoting transparency in ESG (Stéphane Badey, Nicolas Bouveret and Antoine Peter)_ (This article was initially published in Private Debt Investor magazine, The A-Z of ESG - December 2022/January 2023 issue)
> 15/09/2022 - ESG in the board room - a multi-layered challenge for directors of insurance and reinsurance undertakings (with Emmanuelle Mousel & Clara Bourgi)_
> 26/04/2022 - Luxembourg Newsflash - SFDR level II – European Commission publishes final draft RTS [further details]_

>07/04/2022 - Luxembourg Newsflash - Breaking news: publication of the Delegation Regulation (level 2) of SFDR_
>07/12/2021 - Luxembourg Newsflash - Taxonomy disclosures and CSSF fast track procedure_
>26/10/2021 - Luxembourg Newsflash - New taxonomy-related disclosures RTS published_
>19/10/2021 - Interview -  Funds : enhancing transparency for sustainability (with Stéphane Badey and Antoine Peter)
>11/10/2021 - Interview - From sustainability risk to sustainable investment strategy (with Stéphane Badey)
>20/07/2021 - Publication - Supporting sustainable investment with the EU Taxonomy (Antoine Peter and Nadia Bonnet)
>08/07/2020 - Interview - Critères ESG: le nom de la loi (Podcast with Isabelle Lebbe)
>08/07/2020 - Interview - Critères ESG: de la théorie à la pratique (Podcast with Stéphane Badey)
>10/07/2020 - Interview - Le reporting des critères ESG (Podcast)


> 08/10/2021 - ESG: regulatory agenda and market trends - 45 min. to keep ahead of the curve.
> 08/03/2021 – ESG engagement: how can asset managers best deliver value to pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and other institutional investors?
> 24/02/2021 – Looking past the E: mandatory human rights due diligence in finance
> 03/02/2021 – SFDR in the spotlight – are asset managers ready for 10 March 2021?
> 20/01/2021 – Sustainability becomes hard law


> ESG for Banks: Getting ready to compete in the ESG regulatory world (digital and live)

> The ABC of ESG_ [e-learning]

> Essentials of ESG – what every executive must know

> Regulatory update – keeping up to date with sustainable finance

> Sustainable Finance series

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