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Bastien Delepine

Senior Manager

Marie Bouvier-Camus

Senior Manager

Hélène Dauxert

Senior Manager

Dimitri Klaessens

Senior Manager


The ultra-competitive nature of the modern business environment, coupled with an increasingly complex and uncertain tax landscape, are putting stakeholders under increasing pressure to reduce costs, boost efficiency and minimise risks.

As a result of the number of (i) tax disputes, notably in the field of transfer pricing, (ii) cases involving recourse in warranty (appel en garantie), (iii) courts decisions taking some positions that challenge well-established practices, and (iv) recent and complex tax rules arising from the OECD developments with BEPS, tax compliance has gained importance as a key element of reducing financial, business and reputational risks.

We are a team of experienced tax professionals of diversified backgrounds dedicated to excellence in providing corporate tax compliance services. In close collaboration with tax advisers, we help clients monitor the new challenges faced in an ever-complex tax world.

Whether you are part of an MNE group (‘Multinational enterprise’) or of the investment fund industry, we provide direct tax compliance services and practical solutions adapted to your situation.

Our corporate direct tax compliance services include:

  • Calculating estimated tax provisions.
  • Preparing all types of tax returns (income tax, net wealth tax, withholding tax and subscription tax).
  • Filing of returns on behalf of clients.
  • Filing of specific requests with the Luxembourg tax authorities (i.a., functional currency election, fiscal unity application, tax residency certificate, etc…)
  • Reviewing of tax assessments and related tax correspondence issued by the Luxembourg tax authorities.
  • Assisting with the Luxembourg tax authorities’ enquiries regarding tax returns.
  • Collaborating on tax simulations with the client’s tax advisor.
  • Training sessions and bespoke workshops.