UCITS 2022 webinar series – UCITS Tax Trends and Solutions


11:00am - 11:45am

In our next UCITS webinar, our speakers will discuss the reduced subscription tax rates available for investments in sustainable economic activities. They’ll also dive into how withholding tax reclaims are essential for UCITS tax management, and how technology can make this process much less burdensome.

In an increasingly global economic context, financial industry players are under mounting pressure to increase performance and margin – a challenge that is prompting the launch of new investment and pricing strategies, as well as cost reductions. The one strategy that directly impacts investment performance and investor satisfaction is managing the withholding tax on investment income.

But tax reclaim in asset management is still a complex, time consuming and paper-driven process. In the digital era, technology is thus a key tool for turning obstacles into opportunities.

This informative session will close with an update on recent trends in the UCITS tax world.




2022 10 11 webinar UCITS

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