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The challenging landscape of cybersecurity threats is continuously evolving, and every company should adopt a suitable strategy for protection, detection and response to cyberattacks.

Any such strategy must address a number of questions: How can an appropriate level of security be guaranteed when information is hosted or processed by an external service provider? What is the most effective reaction in the event of a breach? What information must be provided to authorities? What form should communication take? And the list goes on.

To answer these questions, Arendt has developed a One-Stop-Shop offering that provides comprehensive insight into the relevant legal, regulatory and technical concerns delivered by a multidisciplinary team.

How can we help?

1 – Raising board and management awareness

Before anything else, good cybersecurity management requires an acute awareness of cyber risks at the highest level of the company. This is why our work begins with raising awareness among the members of a company’s board of directors and management bodies.

2 – Analysis

The next phase will generally be an analysis of the organisational and technical measures in place in terms of information security, including due diligence on service providers’ security level, taking into account your company’s unique circumstances and the issues at stake. Needs will vary according to many factors, such as the sector in which you operate, the regulations applicable to you, the level of risk of your sector and the data you handle, your priorities, the major systems that may be targeted for each industry, and other variables.

3 – Improvement

It will then be time to implement a series of governance-based actions, whether internally or for external service providers, to strengthen security by means of a continuous improvement approach.

4 – Assuring maintenance

An important challenge is to guarantee maximum security throughout the value chain and, ultimately, to determine the optimal insurance cover for residual risks.

5 – Crisis management

We can assist on an urgent basis in case of a security incident by helping to bring together the incident response team:

  • On the legal side, we have lawyers that will help identifying data protection and regulatory notification requirements and preparing such documents, any potential legal actions to be taken, including from a criminal law perspective.
  • On the technical side, we can coordinate the actions of the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) with your company.
  • On the reputation management side, we are able to introduce you to PR specialists.

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