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space sector - timeline Luxembourg

The Luxembourg space sector comprises than 30 active companies, including specialised research institutions. The sector already has more 700 skilled employees, including highly qualified specialists in various space industry fields.

Luxembourg’s openness to blue-sky thinking and its determination to generate fresh ideas have contributed to make the space sector a new national priority. The grand duchy has created a business-friendly environment for the sector based on a legal and regulatory stability designed for both new and mature space operators.

In particular, the national law on the prospection and use of space resources of July 20, 2017 placed the country among the world's most innovative nations in terms of openness to the development of space-based industries, and has sparked further expansion in so-called 'new space' fields.

Our role as a law firm is to help space operators set up your business in Luxembourg and ensure legal compliance with applicable laws and regulations

we provide:

... legal advice regarding:

  • The choice and incorporation of a Luxembourg company in the most suitable form for the business.
  • The  company's day-to-day activities and any legal issues that may arise.
  • Corporate governance ensuring compliance with applicable laws.
  • Negotiation of contracts and cooperation agreements with:
    • Research and development institutions such as the National Research Fund and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, or space agencies such as the ESA.
    • Institutional business partners.
    • Sub-contractors.
    • Start-up incubators.
    • Business angels and investors such as the Luxembourg Future Fund and the future space fund.
    • Clients
  • Standard legal market practice in Luxembourg.

... guidance through the process of applying for:

  • A business licence (autorisation d’établissement) for commercial activity.
  • A concession as a satellite operator under Luxembourg's 1991 law on electronic media.
  • Authorisation to prospect and exploit resources in outer space under Luxembourg's 2017 law on prospection and the use of space resources

... legal advice on:

  • Registering and protecting IP and IT rights developed in and from Luxembourg.
  • Hiring new employees, including dealing with work permit issues and other conditions applicable to recruitment, where necessary.
  • Incentive programmes available for valuable members of a company's team, stock option plans and other incentive schemes.
  • Tax, VAT and transfer pricing issues for the business.
  • Compliance with applicable EU law, including rules governing competition and state aid.

... assistance with:

  • Establishing and structuring the financing of a business activity.
  • Creating private funds and other capital-raising methods.
  • Maintaining a good relationship with potential business partners, investors and institutions.

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