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Companies operating in all economic sectors recognise Luxembourg as an exceptionally business-friendly environment at the geographic heart of the European Union, offering a stable legal, social and governmental framework, as well as access to an extensive network of bilateral tax treaties.

Luxembourg has been able to adapt to the trends that are currently affecting its sector, namely the development of new technologies and digitalisation.

At Arendt, we have a strong and deep legal and consulting offering that makes good business sense. We can help you deal efficiently with the multitude of often complex legal issues you and your business encounter on a daily basis, ranging from corporate law and environmental regulations to data protection, VAT and dispute resolution. We also specialise in corporate services, including company incorporation administration, accountancy and tax compliance.

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To ensure the success of a business, our experts are ready to assist entrepreneurs by giving their start-ups a stable and sustainable legal foundation.

Our multi-disciplinary team can help you at all stages of your innovation-led project with:

If you are about to launch a start-up, we will help you like any other client and invest in your future.

Construction – Real Estate

Real estate transactions are as diverse as the entities and people who conduct them. Whether buying or selling, public or private players, our clients have a wide range of legal needs. On a daily basis, we assist buyers, sellers, brokers, mortgage issuers, architects, builders, promoters, developers, contractors, sub-contractors, investors, property managers, owners, tenants, consultants and real estate agents in real estate and construction matters:

We provide advice on asset classes including office, retail and industrial properties, hotels and resorts in both contentious and non-contentious matters.

New tech

In a world of new technology and digitalisation, players in a broad range of sectors are facing complex legal challenges. We offer our clients a broad range of expertise in all the fields and areas of law on which they need advice in a digital world, including IT, intellectual property, data protection, fintech, insurtech, digital health, space, automotive, investment funds, crowdfunding and venture capital.

Local and Family business

We offer a full range of services to businesses for the efficient set-up and management of their operations. That’s why we have developed services specifically designed for entrepreneurs’ needs, at each step in your company’s development: creation, growth, protection and succession.

Local businesses are often family businesses, and here too our aim is to become your trusted advisor. We have extensive expertise in advising entrepreneurs and families on transmission of businesses to the next generation. Our multi-disciplinary private wealth team works to preserve clients’ wealth now and for future generations through wealth structuring from a corporate, real estate, civil law and estate planning perspective, as well as with regard to tax.

International companies

In an increasingly challenging political, regulatory and legal environmentinternational companies require multi-disciplinary advice regarding multiple facets of their operations and organisation. Our clients can draw upon the skills of lawyers and consultants throughout Arendt’ expertise and benefit from our comprehensive and integrated approach to problem-solving.

In practice, this means we regularly advise international companies of all kinds on matters relating to transactions, tax, corporate finance, competition, securities, insurance, employment, corporate governance, regulation, compliance, intellectual property, data protection, e-commerce, electronic communications, media-related issues and litigation.

Whatever the need, our professionals have a track record of providing creative and practical legal solutions. Arendt’s teams can manage complex matters such as cross-border transactions and reorganisation processes, backed up by our representative offices abroad and an international network of top-tier independent law firms for multi-jurisdiction issues.

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