UCITS Benchmarks


11:00am - 12:00pm

Online session

The third webinar in the series will take place on 26 June, and is called “UCITS Benchmarks – Latest regulatory trends and developments”

Benchmarks continue to play an ever increasing role in the funds industry, not just due to the steadily increasing demand for ETFs or other tracker funds but also, to name a few examples, as comparison benchmarks, risk management tools or components of performance fee calculations in the actively managed funds space. Recently, this trend gained a whole new dimension with the vital role benchmarks with ESG components started to play in investment policies of ESG focussed fund products. Yet the gaps in the disclosures offered by administrators and information required in their own reporting by the fund managers is just one of the challenges facing the users of benchmarks. Moreover, with the deadline of 31 December this year also potentially marking the cut-off of new fund products from non-EU benchmarks not compliant with the EU Benchmarks Regulation, there is plenty to talk about in the benchmarks space.

In this third webinar in the series our experts will:
• provide the latest insights into the proposed reform of the third country regime under the EU Benchmarks Regulation to enable continued access of EU fund managers to a wide variety of non-EU benchmarks;
• examine the interplay of ESG and benchmarks regulatory frameworks and the associated challenges and existing solutions; and
• discuss possible introduction of EU ESG benchmarks label.

Join us for the debate on the latest trends in benchmarks regulatory landscape and the market’s answers to them and take part in the debate by asking our experts your own questions on the subject.

We look forward to driving our thought leadership forward with you!



Valérian de Jamblinne de Meux
Piotr Giemza-Popowski
Allison Norie

Presentation – UCITS Benchmarks – Webinar – 26.06.2023

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