In the frame of the exhibition “An Image is an Image is an Image”:

For the German artist Holger Trützsch (a member of the “International Situationists” in the sixties), appropriation is an artistic approach that he has been able to explore in different series throughout his long career. The series “Fliessende Landschaften” (“Flowing Landscapes”) is the result of a contemporary photographic appropriation of the pictorial act and landscape as a classical genre. By pouring paint on transparent tarpaulins, he reveals imaginary landscapes of this liquid matter which he photographs before the colours mingle and dry up. In the series of “oxydographies”, from the re-appropriations of his “Body Art” work with Veruschka, he transposes the principle of Rauschenberg’s Erasements of De Kooning’s drawings into his own photographs.


by Trülzsch Holger

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