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AManco S.A. is the alternative investment fund manager with Arendt. It is wholly-owned by Arendt Services and will extent the fund administration services provided by the latter and complement the one-stop-shop approach for all clients’ legal and business needs.
AManco S.A. has the capacity to manage a wide range of investment strategies and asset classes (private equity, venture capital, real estate, debts and fund of funds).

The domains of asset management, risk management and compliance cover the core areas of AManco S.A. asset management process, supported by strong team of experienced people.

Investment valuation is performed within the risk department either autonomously or in cooperation with external valuators or valuation advisors.

Investment management decisions are made by the internal team of portfolio managers, most of the time in consultation with the relevant investment advisors as well as with the risk and compliance functions. In some cases, portfolio management is carried out with the support of authorised sub-managers.

Our Leadership

mceclip0 Gaëlle Schneider - CEO
mceclip1 Ludovic Fichet - Conducting Officer & Portfolio Manager

Rémi Kirsch - Conducting Officer & Risk Manager


Contact us

9 rue de Bitbourg
L-1273 Luxembourg
T +352 28 37 79 1


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