Facing the challenges of corporate governance

Corporate governance is a necessary component in running a business in every sector, locally and internationally. There is an increasing number of rules affecting business, meaning boards needs to adapt by introducing changes and adopting guidelines. With our Corporate Governance Centre, we are able to offer in one place a comprehensive set of solutions to deal with every aspect facing a board.

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Roles & Responsibilities of the board

Board composition

Operation & Organisation


Corporate administration

Tools & Training

Regulatory & Tax

Contact: corpgov@arendt.com

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Topical videos:
- Corporate governance for private companies
- Strong corporate governance for a strong corporate life
- Governance for the funds industry
Regulatory concerns within corporate governance
Corporate governance for banks and insurance companies
- Modern corporate governance emerged in listed companies
- The role of independent directors in corporate governance

Related events and training sessions :

- The liability regime applicable to directors and conducting persons : specificities linked to investment funds - Training session on Wednesday 9 June 2021. Learn more and register here_

- Constant trainings of the board members and the other employees are essential to give them a clear understanding of their duties and responsibilities and to ensure a sound Corporate Governance. Arendt Institute offers a wide range of training sessions which may be of interest to you.

- Furthermore, the Corporate Governance Center offers a unique solution to the multiple challenges boards and their members are facing by offering training opportunities specifically dedicated to Board Members & Directors

- Corporate Governance in 2021 : Emerging trends, challenges and opportunities. Learn more_

Corporate Governance Centre in the media:
- Paperjam (11/2019)
- AGEFI (10/2019)
- Paperjam (10/2019)

Other ressources:
- Analysis of the European Shareholder Rights Directive II from an investment fund perspective, Francis Kass and Maria Daniela Poli, International Bar Association, Asset Management and Investment Funds Committee publications, (06/2020)
- The European Shareholder Rights Directive II - Impact on Investment Fund  Governance, Francis Kass and Maria Daniela Poli, AGEFI (02/2020)

Covid-19 crisis:
click here to learn more about governance in the context of crisis on the Towards a New Model platform_

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