Pillar 2 in Luxembourg: main takeaways

Tax Week

Arendt Seminar

Jan 31, 2024
4:00 PM


Jan 31, 2024
5:00 PM
Online session

The third webinar in the series takes place on 31 January and is entitled "Pillar 2 in Luxembourg: main takeaways".

Our experts Thierry Lesage, Tax Partner, and Caroline Partoune, Tax Senior Associate will explain the intricacies of the Luxembourg legislation implementing the EU’s Pillar 2 Directive. In the era of digitalisation, multinational enterprises face unprecedented tax challenges. Pillar 2 introduces model rules crafted to ensure multinational enterprises contribute their fair share by paying a minimum level of tax on income generated across jurisdictions.

While the impact on large multinationals seems accepted, the expected minimal impact on the investment fund industry needs to be monitored. Our expert panel will provide key insights, preparing you for the paradigm shift in global taxation dynamics.

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