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Episode #3 | The Digital Services Act – DGA | 29 September 2022


The “Digital Services Act” aims at upgrading and harmonizing rules throughout the EU. The main goal of the DSA is to preserve fundamental rights of users by imposing more stringent regulations on tech companies. Details with Sophie Calmes and Julien Pétré.

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Episode #2 | The Data Governance Act – DGA | 22 September 2022


The “Data Governance Act” forms part of a general strategy for making the EU a leader in a data-driven economy. The Data Governance Act includes provisions that will directly regulate and facilitate the access and reuse of public bodies’ data in view of accelerating the digital transformation of the EU. As part of the EU digital strategy, the Data Governance Act is coming to supplement the Open Data Directive of 2019. Details with Astrid Wagner and Julien Pétré.

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Episode #1 | The Digital Market Act – DMA | 15 September 2022

The Digital Markets Act, or DMA, sets out harmonised rules in the European Union defining and prohibiting certain unfair practices by large online platforms qualified as “gatekeepers” and providing an enforcement mechanism based on market investigations. The goal is to protect competition and to create a fair environment for businesses and consumers. Details with Astrid Wagner and Sophie Calmes.

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