Born in Antwerp in 1950 and living in Brussels, the multi-faceted artist evolves in domains as varied as photography and sculpture but also video and tapestry.

After starting law studies, she continued her education at the prestigious La Cambre School of Architecture and Visual Arts in Brussels, where she currently lives. She first gained recognition for her work with textile sculptures, then, in the early eighties, for her video installations such as ‘Larmes d’acier’ (1978 in Kassel), a field in which she was a pioneer.

Marie-Jo Lafontaine has exhibited in prestigious museums and galleries throughout the world. She has gained international recognition and been awarded a number of prizes throughout Europe for works that now span three decades. She has published several monographic works and also participated in numerous collective catalogues. She has also fulfilled a number of commissions, such as the BMW Art project “Glass Pavillon” in Munich. Her work is present in public and private collections across the world, and, a fact that is perhaps lesser-known, she is a much sought-after teacher who has taught in various prestigious schools.

A specially commissioned and permanent artwork, entitled “Les Gardiennes du Regard” has been ordered by Arendt & Medernach at this occasion of the exhibition “Le Monde Clignote !”, and is visible at Arendt House, in the Boardroom