Isabel Muñoz is a photographer who stands out within the diversity of proposals that
characterize the contemporary Spanish photographic scene, betting on the technique of
platinotype and large format in order to reinforce her discourse: her passion for the body as a
way of approaching the study of the human being. This passion has marked her work since her
first photographic series, being the beginning of a journey through numerous cultures in which
the photographer seeks to capture the beauty of the human body with her camera, ranging
from traditional dances and wrestle to certain realities and issues on which Muñoz decides to
focus her gaze with an essential social commitment.
In 1986, she had her first exhibition – Toques – at the Institut Français in Madrid, which
became the first of a long series of displays. In 1990, she began to travel with the interest of
ptographing dances as a common thread. These first trips lead to many others and feed her
desire to work on ethnic minorities.
The strong presence that Isabel Muñoz has acquired within the artistic reality contemporary is
reflected in the recognition of her work through different awards and mentions, the Gold
Medal for Merit in Fine Arts 2009 and twice obtaining the World Press Photo. Noteworthy are
the National Photography Award in Spain during 2016, PHotoEspaña 2021 and her recent
designation as academician of Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in
Her work can be found in numerous collections, in particular those of the Maison Européenne
de la Photographie (Paris), the New Museum of Contemporary Art (New York), the Foto
Colectania (Barcelona), the Cultural Center of Spain (Mexico City, Guatemala City, La Paz), the
Museo Nacional Reina Sofia (Madrid) and the Fundación Canal (Madrid).

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Amor y Extasis - Serie Mevleví, 2008