Born in 1957, the Swiss Beat Streuli is internationally recognised for his street portraiture, documenting anonymous street dwellers or ‘flaneurs’ in cities from all around the world.

Seemingly freezing the flow of everyday life, he captures anonymous subjects, stressing their facial expression in order to lend them a strong sense of individuality with which the viewer can identify and play on shared experiences.

Hong Kong Central, 2015 127_9666
Hong Kong Central, 2015 127_9071
Bruxelles 05 / 06 (edition 1/3)m 2006


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Moscow, 2015 129_4779
Moscow, 2015 129_4839
Hong Kong Central, 2015 127_8334-9427
Bruxelles 05 / 06 (edition 3/3)m 2006


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New York - 8 th Avenue/35th Street 2 (edition 3/3)


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