In January 2016, as part of Arendt’s continued international expansion, we opened our Paris Office.

With the constant growth of the French market especially in the banking, investments funds and private equity sectors, the decision was taken to implement a permanent team in Paris in order to ensure a stronger local presence and to be able to offer our clients more direct and constant support.

Advising exclusively on Luxembourg legal, tax and regulatory matters, our office in Paris works very closely with the head office in Luxembourg in order to assist our clients and give them the necessary Luxembourg law support in several practice areas:

- Banking & Finance

- Private Equity, Real Estate and Hedge Funds / Assets managers

- Retail Funds managers (UCITS)

- Multinational companies

- Private Wealth

- Insurance Companies

Want to reach our headquarter?

Arendt House

41A, Avenue JF Kennedy L-2082 Luxembourg

T (352) 40 78 78 1

F (352) 40 78 04