Hong Kong

The firm advises on Luxembourg and European law exclusively, from our head office in Luxembourg and our foreign offices, assisting clients in relation to their cross-border activities in Europe, or strategic European investments or implementation.In order to ensure better coverage of China and the Asia Pacific region, we opened an office in Hong Kong in 2009. Our firm’s experience in helping Asian and Chinese companies do business in Europe has been widely recognised in the market for many years, and we are proud to have partnered with a number of Chinese financial institutions in their European expansion in particular in the banking, investment funds, corporate fields.

Chinese companies expanding globally and the internationalisation of RMB are creating tremendous opportunities for banks, insurance companies, private equity funds and hedge funds and investment managers. In the meantime, doing business is becoming more complicated in a global context. We serve our clients with a one-stop-shop solution, from the legal engineering to the implementation phase.The firm’s approach is to partner with business leaders and provide solutions that will help achieve their goals.


Arendt & Medernach是卢森堡规模最大的独立综合型律师事务所,在卢森堡拥有领先的业绩并拥有覆盖全球的业务网络。我们在卢森堡商业法律的各个领域为国际客户和本地客户的商业活动提供法律服务,包括投资基金、银行业务、保险、私募股权、房地产、公司业务及税务事项。通过与全球各地办事处(香港、伦敦、纽约和巴黎)的紧密协作,并得益于Arendt Regulatory & Consulting, Arendt Services和Arendt Institute提供的支持,我们能够将法律、监管与实务经验有效结合,以满足客户的商业需求。


为了确保更好地覆盖中国与亚太地区,Arendt & Medernach于2009年在香港开设了办事处。多年来,我们在服务亚洲及中国客户开展欧洲业务方面所积累的丰富经验已被市场广泛认可。同时令我们欣慰的是,我们已帮助多家中资金融机构扩展已有欧洲业务,尤其在银行金融、投资基金与企业投资领域。


Arendt & Medernach始终秉承与商业领袖携手前进的承诺,并通过切实有效的解决方案助力企业实现战略目标。

Coordinator for Asia-Pacific region