Our representative office in London was launched in 2007 as part of Arendt’s continued international expansion. With our European clients being largely UK-based, we are convinced that a physical presence in London allows us to best advise our clients, providing face-to-face advice on aspects of Luxembourg law that impact their businesses.

Advising exclusively on Luxembourg legal, tax and regulatory matters, we assist a large number of clients active in the financial sector including:

- Banks
- Insurance companies
- Retail fund managers
- Private equity and hedge funds
- Multinational companies

About Brexit

Arendt believes that Luxembourg offers you unique opportunities as business players impacted by Brexit.

Want to reach our headquarter?

Arendt House

41A, Avenue JF Kennedy L-2082 Luxembourg

T (352) 40 78 78 1

F (352) 40 78 04

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