Interaction with employees’ delegates and with trade unions – intense, modulable employment law training


This intense learning programme will allow participants to gain solid knowledge of the legal framework concerning the staff delegation. They will get a very good grasp of the practical questions possibly arising about the relations between the employer and the staff delegation.

Furthermore, they learn about the role of trade unions and about negotiation of collective agreements. 


Attendance of all modules is recommended but not mandatory. The list allows to choose the subtopics which are of particular interest to participants:

Module 1: Interaction with the employees’ delegates 

Introduction: General overview 

*in case the company is obliged to organize social elections, this section can be extended

Functioning of the delegation

Means of the staff delegation 

Interactions of the delegation 

  • with Trade Union
  • with external authorities
  • Competences and attributions of the staff delegation


    Module 2: Interaction with the employees’ delegates 

    Protection of staff delegates 

    The representative in charge of Health & Safety at Work

    The representative in charge of Equality & Diversity 


    Module 3: Interaction with trade unions, collective bargaining 

    Trade Unions

    Freedom of association

    Means of action of Trade Unions

    Negotiation of collective agreements

  • Negotiation and re-negotiation
  • Content of collective agreements
  • Impact of a transfer of undertaking
  • Other types of negotiations

    Conciliation procedures in Luxembourg



    Our speakers belong to our specialised and complementary teams and as such cover all legal, regulatory, taxation and advisory aspects of doing business in Luxembourg. We invite you to check our training agenda where the speakers are listed on each training session.

    Target audience

    Human resources professionals, lawyers specialising in company law, or anyone with HR responsibilities.


    Estimated duration 6 hours. The programme can be logically split into 3 modules. 


    English, French, German (in customised format) 


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