Sergey Maximishin was born in Kertch, Crimea in 1964. After his military service in Cuba, a diploma in nuclear physics and a job at Hermitage expertise laboratory, Maximishin devoted himself to his passion, photojournalism, in 1998 and rapidly became a famous photojournalist. A recipient of two World Press Photo awards (2005, 2006) and on 16 occasions of the Russia Press Photo award, Sergey MAXIMISHIN’s numerous publications have appeared in both the Russian and international press: The Times, Time, Newsweek, Parool, Libération, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Stern, Business Week, Focus, Der Profile, Corriere della Sera, Izvestia, Ogonyok, Itogi, Photo. His numerous personal exhibitions include Visa pour l’image (2007) and FotoFest (2012). Maximishin is today Russia’s most important photojournalist.

Sergey Maximishin’s photographs form part of public (Musée Nicéphore Nièpce, Fond National d’Art Contemporain) and private collections in France, Belgium, Holland, Italy and Russia.

Sergey Maximishin lives in Saint-Petersburg.