Maria-Magdalena Ianchis

Maria-Magdalena Ianchis was born in 1982 in Cluj, Romania, studied at the University of Applied Arts with Gabriele Rothemann and completed an MA in Fine Arts at the Iceland University of the Arts.

On one hand, a processual way of working is evident in her work. On the other hand, the individual works have a concrete, independent language.

The form is cross-media and ranges from photography, video works, sound, objects, spatial installations, or performances to interactive performances.

The decision on the form of each individual work is literally forced upon the artist by the thematic confrontation in the creation process. “The way of working in terms of content has exploratory features, but is based to a large extent on a playful, intuitive way. ” says the artist.

Her works have been shown in group and solo exhibitions in Austria, the USA, China, Iceland, Italy, Mexico and the Czech Republic.

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In the frame of the exhibition ‘Rethinking Nature / Rethinking Landscape – EMoP 2021’_