Danila Tkachenko

Danila Tkachenko is an internationally renowned Russian photographer, recognized for his work that explores themes of identity, memory, and disappearance. Born in Moscow, Tkachenko studied photography at the Rodchenko Art School of Multimedia, where he honed his unique perspective and ability to capture poignant narratives through his images. His documentary approach is distinguished by a minimalist aesthetic and a deep sensitivity towards the subjects he portrays.

Danila Tkachenko’s work questions our relationship with history and progress while highlighting the melancholic beauty of places and people left on the margins of society. His photographs invite deep reflection on time, solitude, and human resilience, making him one of the most important voices in contemporary photography.


Danila Tkachenko’s “Motherland” series is a poignant visual exploration of the Soviet legacy and its impact on contemporary Russian landscapes. Through this series, Tkachenko captures abandoned buildings, monuments, and infrastructures that were once symbols of Soviet grandeur. These structures, now left to decay and overtaken by nature, become silent witnesses to history and shattered dreams.


Each photograph in “Motherland” is carefully composed to highlight the contrast between past grandeur and current decay. The images, often taken under gray, cloudy skies, accentuate the atmosphere of desolation and melancholy. Tkachenko uses a palette of cold colors and wide framings to emphasize the vastness and solitude of these places.


The series invites the viewer to reflect on the notion of progress and the marks history leaves on the landscape. It also raises questions about national identity and collective memory while celebrating the resilience of nature reclaiming its space. With “Motherland,” Danila Tkachenko offers us a visual meditation on time, loss, and transformation, highlighting the fragility of grand human ambitions in the face of the relentlessness of time.


Motherland #2

By Danila Tkachenko

96 x 120 cm
Created in 2016
Pigment print
Edition 1/9
Acquired in November 2022


By Danila Tkachenko

European Month Of Photography (EMOP) - Arendt Award
Rethinking Nature / Rethinking Landscpae
Arendt House - May to September 2021