Carina Brandes

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Carina Brandes is a contemporary German photographer known for her introspective and poetic work that explores themes of identity, femininity, and dreams. Born in 1982, Brandes uses photography as a means of self-expression, often featuring herself in her compositions.

Her artistic approach is characterized by carefully orchestrated scenes where she plays with light, shadows, and textures to create mysterious and dreamlike atmospheres. Brandes primarily works in black and white, adding a timeless and surreal dimension to her work.

Carina Brandes’ photographs are often described as fragments of dreams or visual tales, where the boundaries between reality and fiction blur. Her images captivate with their emotional intensity and their ability to evoke personal and universal narratives.

Among her notable works, the “Untitled” series presents enigmatic self-portraits that question the notion of the self and the relationship between the body and space. Her works have been exhibited in renowned galleries and museums worldwide, drawing attention for their originality and artistic depth.

Carina Brandes continues to explore new dimensions of contemporary photography, using her lens to unveil hidden aspects of the human soul and inviting viewers to immerse themselves in introspective and fascinating worlds.



By Carina Brandes

69,7 x 100,8 cm
Created in 2017
B/W photograph on baryta, framed
Edition 2/2
Acquired in November 2019


By Carina Brandes

European Month Of Photography (EMOP) - Arendt Award
Body Fiction(s)
Arendt House - May to September 2019