Customised training

Criminal Compliance


This training session ensures participants gain solid knowledge on specific AML/ CFT topics, including tax aspects. 

About the training session


​This training session will provide an introduction to the concept of “Criminal Compliance” and the importance thereof for businesses in order to mitigate the risk of exposure to criminal sanctions. The training will in particular focus on practical examples to illustrate situations where criminal liability can arise and, as well as on the steps that can be taken to identify such liability risks within a business, the analysis and assessment thereof and the steps that can be taken in practice to mitigate such risks


  • Concept of Criminal Compliance
  • Importance of Criminal Compliance for Businesses in Today’s Legal Environment
  • Cost of Non-Compliance
  • Overview of Main Criminal Liability Issues to which Businesses are Exposed
  • Criminal Liability of Managers and Legal Entities
  • Identification and Assessment of Criminal Liability Risks
  • Methods of Mitigating Criminal Liability Risks
  • Criminal Liability and Delegation of Powers

Target Group

Managers, in-house legal counsels and compliance officers.


Our speakers belong to both our specialised and complementary teams ans as such, cover all legal, regulatory, taxation and advisory aspects of doing business in Luxembourg. We kindly invite yo check our training agenda where the speakers are listed on each training session.


4 hours.


English, French.

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