Customised training

Anti-Bribery &Corruption (ABC) and Fraud Awareness Training

Upon Request

3 hours

Arendt House41A, Avenue John F. Kennedy
L-2082 Luxembourg-Kirchberg

500 €


About the training session


The experts will help the participants to further enhance their awareness on Fraud, Bribery and Corruption and to better understand what it takes to prevent and to act more responsibly.


  • Objectives of the training
  • Overview of Fraud
    • What is fraud: types of fraud including Corruption (developed in detail below)
    • Who commits fraud and why?
    • Detection
    • Prevention
    • Response

Focus on corruption

  • What is corruption?
    • Questions to the audience to assess level of maturity on the subject
    • Definitions of corruption
  • Brief overview of key anti-bribery laws and territoriality
    • US, UK, China legislations with potential “extra-territoriality”
    • Europe
  • What and who is at risks in case of bribery and corruption?
    • With practical examples of “when it goes wrong”
    • Consequences
    • Responsibilities
  • What should be an effective ABC compliance program in your organisation?
    • Core principles
    • Key pillars
  • What does it mean practically in your daily business life?
    • Deep dive into forms of corruption: how do bribes happen
    • Real examples and situations
    • How can you / should you cope with the risks of corruption
      • How to identify suspicious behaviours
      • How to respond to request for bribes, how to react
    • Investigations
      • Internal
      • Facing a regulatory investigation

The experts will trigger participation of the audience with small polls, questions and discussions; we will also present scenario and case studies to illustrate real-life situation and raise discussions among the audience.


Our speakers belong to our specialised and complementary teams and as such cover all legal, regulatory, taxation and advisory aspects of doing business in Luxembourg. We invite you to check our training agenda where the speakers are listed on each training session.

Target audience

​Professionals in charge of front office, administration, legal and compliance functions or other professionals in charge of anti-corruption matters.


​3 hours


English; French (customised format) 

For more information please contact us by e-mail