Regulatory Strategy & Licensing

Conduct of change

The increasing number of regulations and the resulting operational burden lead our clients to demand tailored advice on how to practically meet new regulatory requirements and how to comply with them on an on-going basis.

In any regulated entity’s life cycle, it is inevitable to be confronted to change, due to regulation or to operational or group constraints.

The need for adaptation to a new regulatory environment is crucial whatever the type of change: a simple change of regulation at national level or a change of activity which will bring your entity into a complete new territory.

Understanding and managing such change can be disruptive to many.

Our aim as a regulatory advisory company is to be your partner of choice for seamless regulatory transition. Our regulatory consulting expertise driven by Arendt Regulatory & Consulting S.A. (ARC) provides a range of regulatory advisory services, organised under two main headings: 

  • Advice on the changes brought by regulations on existing financial entities and on new entrants in Luxembourg 
  • Consulting on system and process improvement: diagnostics, readiness assessments and implementation or support, as required

Authorisation of businesses and set-up of operations

Whether you are a new entrant in Luxembourg or an existing entity starting a new regulated activity, our regulatory consulting expertise driven by Arendt Regulatory & Consulting S.A. (ARC) assists you in the creation of a compliant and efficient business in Luxembourg.

Based on a good understanding of your goals, proposed activities, clients and markets targeted, we:

  • Test your proposed operating model against a number of key elements that must be taken into consideration in the decision process,
  • Validate with you our understanding of your business set up,
  • Apply on your behalf, as the case may be with the help of our Legal expertise where required, for the obtention of the necessary license or permit.

Whether you are a professional proposing to offer financial services in Luxembourg, an AIFM looking for a European hub, a bank wishing to enter into the depositary business: our Regulatory Consulting expertise has all the keys for a successful and efficient launch of your business!

Our Regulatory Strategy & Licensing experts