Webinar ESG: how to find the sweet spot between compliance, risk and opportunities


3:30pm - 4:15pm

Online session

ESG and sustainable finance concerns are and remain at the top of the priority list for governments, decision-making bodies and regulators, and their implications have outgrown the financial sector to include regulated and non-regulated actors alike.

Against this background, the ESG legal framework continues to grow in size, complexity and scope, with regulators focusing their oversight on compliance control, and greenwashing claims materialising increasingly in litigation cases initiated by private parties against market actors from many different industries.

Whilst the current ESG environment is and thus remains paved with challenges, these challenges can also be used as opportunities for those actors who stay ahead of the game, both in terms of ensuring adequate compliance and operational implementation and in terms of strategic positioning.

In this webinar, our experts will highlight the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in ESG matters, with a focus on regulatory priorities and anticipated practical impacts, for actors from all concerned industries, including the asset management, banking and financial services, insurance and corporate sectors.

Their goal? To help you be ready for what comes next.

Feel free to forward this invitation to any colleagues or clients who may be interested in attending. Should you have any questions, please contact events2@arendt.com

We look forward to seeing you there (virtually).

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Invitation webinar 25.09.2023 – ESG

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2023 09 25 ESG Webinar presentation

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