Real estate fund structuring: market trend update


12:00pm - 12:30pm

Online session

The fourth webinar in the series will be held on 26 January, and is called “Real estate fund structuring: market trend update”.

Real estate investment structures have not escaped the onslaught of new tax rules resulting in particular from local implementation of EU anti-tax avoidance directives, modification of tax treaties following implementation of the OECD multilateral instrument (“MLI”), but above all, various anti-abuse rules implemented in investment countries and their application by the relevant courts. Investors and asset managers have been forced to adapt to these changes. There is also a clear trend towards simplification of Luxembourg investment fund structures, impacting in particular the choice of Luxembourg transparent or opaque vehicles, and potential regulated regimes suitable to promoters’ and investors’ requirements.

Our experts Vincent Mahler, Tax Partner, and Alexandra Clouté, Tax Counsel, will guide participants through the new trends impacting Luxembourg real estate investment fund structures, with a focus on investment countries such as France, Germany,  Italy, Portugal, Spain and the UK.

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2023.01.23-27 tax week invitation

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