Alternative Investment Structuring, Private Equity Real Estate – Sweden & Luxembourg Common Opportunities


6:00am - 10:00am

We are pleased to invite you to join us in Stockholm on Wednesday 30 May 2018, where key players of the Private Equity and Real Estate Industries will discuss the current market trends in Luxembourg and Sweden. A concrete case study illustrating the common opportunities between Sweden and Luxembourg will be presented by one of the major Swedish Asset Managers.

You will then have the opportunity to follow in a small group of participants three workshops facilitated by experts from Arendt & Medernach, Deloitte, FundRock Management Company S.A., RBC Investor & Treasury Services on the AIFM, investment vehicles and tax structuring in Luxembourg.



Alternative Investment Structuring in Luxembourg

– Presentation of the Luxembourgish and Swedish AIFM environment and trends in Private Equity and Real Estate

– Recent regulatory developments

– Testimonial – Case Study



Workshop 1: The Luxembourg AIFM operating model

Why an AIFM in Luxembourg?

Third party vs dedicated AIFM, pros and cons?

Workshop 2: Luxembourg vehicles structuring

Wich products at your disposal?

VAT (IM Services) – structuring

Workshop 3: Luxembourg tax structuring

How to be compliant?

What about substance?

Invitation – Stockholm – 2018

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