Senior Manager

Stéphanie is a Senior Manager - Accounting at Arendt Services.

Before joining Arendt Services in 2021, Stéphanie gained considerable experience working in various fields of accounting and management, both in France and in Luxembourg. Stéphanie started her career in 2000 in audit in France, and later continued in Luxembourg.

In 2011, she worked for a professional of the Luxembourg financial sector as a manager, where she was responsible for the accounting, corporate and tax compliance matters for a portfolio of Luxembourg entities (reinsurance, insurance and management companies, regulated alternative investment funds, private equity, and securitisation).

She was also member of various boards, including regulated companies and funds, as well as operational and holding companies.

Stephanie is a French Chartered Accountant. She has also completed all courses leading to the title of Réviseur d’entreprises in Luxembourg.

Languages: English, French.