Arendt Seminar

Jun 18, 2019
9:30 AM


Jun 18, 2019
10:00 AM
Where ?

The Arendt experts are pleased to invite you to join our 30-minute webinar session to be held on 18 June 2019 on the register of beneficial owners (“BOs”). The new law on the register of beneficial owners (" RBO Law " / "RBE Law") has entered into force in Luxembourg on 1 February 2019 and all subjected entities and their BO(s) will have until September 2019 to comply with its provisions.

The session will focus on:

  • The presentation of the RBE Law from a Luxembourg point of view
  • The obligations set out by the RBE Law
  • The subjected entities and their specific requirements

This webinar will be presented by Stéphane Joly-Meunier, Private Equity & Real Estate Counsel and Christophe Lentschat, Member of the Management Committee at Arendt Services.

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