Jérôme is Director of Quality Control at Arendt Investor Services.

He gained considerable experience working with institutional and corporate clients and their Luxembourg structures since 2005, particularly in the fields of private equity, real estate and securitisation, and serves since few years as a director of numerous Luxembourg investment entities.

Jérôme started his professional career in 2002 in France and joined a Luxembourg chartered public accounting firm in 2005. In 2010, he then worked for a professional of the Luxembourg financial sector as manager being responsible of the accounting, corporate and tax compliance matters of a portfolio of Luxembourg entities (private equity, real estate and securitisation).

In 2013, he joined Arendt Investor Services as Senior Manager in the corporate services department where he is specialized in accounting for private equity, real estate and securitisation structures. He also has strong knowledge in corporate, tax compliance and corporate governance.

Jérôme has a high school diploma in science and a 2 years technical degree in accounting and management of company in France.

Languages: English, French.