Senior Manager

Hoa Le is a Senior Manager at Arendt Regulatory & Consulting (ARC).

He assists clients in the asset management industry in setting up and organising their businesses in Luxembourg. In particular, he helps them strengthen their corporate governance and comply with regulatory obligations.

Prior to joining ARC in June 2023, Hoa worked at Luxembourg’s financial regulator, where he was responsible for the authorisation and supervision of investment fund managers. Previously, he was a Senior Fund Manager at a Luxembourg-based AIFM.

In addition, Hoa was a Conducting Officer of a UCITS Management Company and AIFM that he set up and where he was responsible for portfolio management, delegate oversight, staff and finance. Hoa served as a non-executive director on various fund structures and was a member of ALFI groups.

Hoa holds a Master’s in political science from TU München.

Languages: English, French, German.