CSSF publishes Circular 15/612 on the information to be communicated by Luxembourg-established AIFMs on additional non-regulated AIFs and regulated non-EU AIFs they start to manage.

AIFMs to notify the CSSF within 10 days of commencing the management of an additional non-regulated AIF or regulated non-EU AIF.

The Luxembourg financial regulator (“CSSF”) has yesterday issued circular 15/612 (“the Circular”) regarding the information it requires from Luxembourg-established alternative investment fund managers (“AIFM”) registered according to Article 3 of the Law of 12 July 2013 (“AIFM Law”) and AIFMs authorised pursuant to Article 5 of the AIFM Law. This information concerns any additional alternative investment fund (“AIF”) that the AIFM starts to manage in the case where the additional AIF is either a non-regulated AIF or a regulated AIF established in a non-EU country.

It should be noted that the Circular does not apply to regulated AIFs established in another EU Member State that are managed by a Luxembourg-established AIFM. Such AIFMs are expected to notify the CSSF under Article 32 of the AIFM Law.

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