External Seminar

Mar 21, 2018
9:00 AM


Mar 21, 2018
11:00 AM
Where ?
Shenzen, China
Who ?
Pierre Beissel
Stéphane Karolczuk

On March 21, 2018, Arendt had the great pleasure to host in Shenzhen a seminar focusing on Private Equity and Real Estate (PERE) investments, jointly with the Shenzhen Asset Management Association (SZAMA). A large number of managers and industry representatives attended this event aiming at providing with a detailed view of the PERE landscape in Europe, strategies used by Chinese managers and investors, vehicles and structuring options for those investments and tax aspects in relation thereto.

The seminar started with the welcome address of Mr. Dongyao LIU (Vice Chairman & Secretary General) of SZAMA which the firm had the pleasure to welcome in Luxembourg with his delegation of managers in July 2017 during a tour organized by the SZAMA in Europe.

Our speakers, Pierre Beissel (Luxembourg based Partner, Private Equity & Real Estate) and Stephane Karolczuk (Hong Kong based Partner, Investment Management) gave an introduction on the fundamentals on Luxembourg and its very close relationship with the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Thereafter, specifics of the EU PERE market, strategies used by Asian and PRC managers and investors, vehicles and structuring options for those investments and tax aspects in relation thereto were covered.

An overview of other aspects relevant to alternative investments, as well as undertakings for collective investments in transferable securities (UCITS) and the Luxembourg M&A landscape were provided in view of future seminars.

We would like to again thank the SZAMA and Mr. LIU for their hospitality and having made possible this seminar and for all our guests for having spent this time with us. The presentation slides will be made available to participants by email. Please send us an email or WeChat message should you wish to receive a copy thereof.

p beissel s karolczuk


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