e-Learning – How to recognise market abuse

For those who must report suspicions of money laundering, market abuse qualifies as a predicate offence. Therefore, recognising market abuse is a key element for complying with prevailing AML/KYC obligations.

Some other actors have obligations to report suspicions of actual or attempted market abuse (STOR) and must ensure that their staff is adequately trained in that respect.

For others, staff awareness of market abuse is a tool for managing reputational risk. This presupposes having at least a basic understanding of prohibited behaviours.

Whatever your situation or your objectives, recognising market abuse is the key.

If you think that understanding market abuse and recognising prohibited behaviour is a challenge, our e-learning tool is made for you. It follows the key principles set out in the applicable legal framework, in particular Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 (Market Abuse Regulation), and progressively builds on a balanced combination of explanations of basic market abuse principles and many real-life scenarios and case studies. Participants are asked to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge to practical examples.

This learning approach allows you to comply with your legal requirements or achieve your other objectives, as the case may be.

Learning objectives: 

  • Understand what is meant by market abuse
  • Distinguish market abuse from other forms of reprehensible behaviour
  • Better manage the risks you encounter in your role within your organisation
  • Recognise market abuse

How does it work?

1. Acquire a global view of market abuse fundamentals such as legal framework and distinguishing elements compared to other prohibited behaviours

2. Check your newly acquired knowledge progressively

3. Apply the newly acquired principles to real-life cases

4. Get tools to be used on the job 


Main features:

• Fully digital
• Advanced interactivity: includes activities and scenarios
• Flexible: learn at your own pace and time
• Course design: modern and light
• Final assessment: recap of the essential knowledge
• Total duration: 90 minutes
• Target audience: All professionals of financial sector or professionals working within an issuer


This e-learning course can be adapted to suit your needs. Contact us to get a demo access or for any other questions.

Contact us: institute@arendt.com