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Ensuring a sound financial footing

Finance is a critical pillar of any organisation, and an essential element of a successful law firm. Our finance department cover a wide range of activities, from basic bookkeeping to providing information to assist partners and management in making strategic decisions.

Sustainability is a key strategic focus in Arendt’s development, and financial sustainability is an integral part of this. Arendt is rigorously managed to protect the assets of the firm and of its clients. The finance team ensures efficient financial management and effective controls to ensure all the firm’s activities are a solid footing.

The finance department manages all cash flows into and out of the firm, and ensures that adequate funds are available to meet day-to-day running costs. This function includes credit and collections policies for our clients, ensuring that vendors and creditors are paid correctly and on time, and that our firm is remunerated as agreed.

The department contributes to the monitoring, management and enhancement of the firm’s operations by measuring and reporting regularly on the key metrics by which its success is measured. It also works with partners and management to prepare the firm’s budgets and forecasts, and reports on progress against them throughout the year.