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Competition Law

An extensive expertise in Competition Law

Staying ahead of your competitors requires more than just innovative products and services. We can help you understand and navigate the competition law framework, offering invaluable insights into compliance requirements, mitigating antitrust violation risks, and helping you ensure sustainable business growth.

How can we help?

Cartel and abuse of dominance

With a team of seasoned lawyers, we are able to assist our clients with cartel and abuse of dominance investigations, including dawn raids, and also sector inquiries by either the Luxembourg Competition Authority or the EU Commission. To date, we have been involved in all the major investigations conducted by the Luxembourg Competition Authority.

Antitrust compliance programmes

We are experienced in helping our clients develop and implement antitrust compliance programmes tailored to each client’s activities and associated antitrust risks, and in lodging requests for leniency. We have also developed an extensive practice in horizontal cooperation agreements, notably in the banking and financial sector. More generally, we are equipped to support our clients in assessing whether their business partnerships or commercial practices with third parties that may have an impact on the market are compatible with national and EU competition law, and the legality of third parties’ conduct.

Mergers, FDI and FSR

We specialise in representing clients and obtaining rapid clearance before national competition authorities and the EU Commission in complex and cross-border merger transactions, including those involving investment funds and in regulated markets, such as banking and insurance. We also have a track record of obtaining clearance for transactions under the national and EU screening regimes for foreign direct investments (FDI) and foreign subsidies (FSR).


Alongside advisory work and representing clients in administrative investigations carried out by EU and national competition authorities, litigation is a key element of our practice. Our team combines in-depth knowledge and litigation skills to handle appeals before Luxembourg and EU courts against decisions of the Luxembourg Competition Authority and the EU Commission, preliminary rulings before the Court of Justice of the EU and damages claims arising from competition law infringements. Notably, our private enforcement practice is growing in importance (we recently pleaded the first case of private enforcement in Luxembourg).

Banking, financial and insurance expertise

We have developed specific expertise in competition law issues in the banking, financial and insurance sector. Our in-depth knowledge of the legal framework and of the operators in this sector, combined with support from our specialised teams in these areas, help us to achieve excellent results in both contentious and non-contentious matters.

State aid

We also assist our clients on compliance with EU State aid rules.