KYC/KYT simulator: Meet your AML compliance obligations

Meeting your KYC and KYT obligations is more than a legal necessity. It is the key decisive element for your business reputation.

This tool targets the audience of lawyers. In this job role with many important responsibilities, you deal with a number of client files every day. This also means handling a significative AML workload, as part of your intense agendas.

Managing your risks in an efficient and secure manner is a must. But acquiring the necessary knowledge through listening to a conference is not enough.

Therefore, we offer you access to an online learning pack: In the first part, we will guide you through the essentials of KYC and KYT. In part 2, you will get exclusive access to a real-life simulator.

Your mission? Manage your file, satisfy your client and secure the risks.

By the end of these two modules,  you will be able to understand fundamental AML/CFT principles and deal with practical questions that arise day-to-day.

How does it work?

  • Acquire the necessary knowledge to manage a real client file.
  • You work on a file, receive emails and calls which simulate real work-life situations in a dynamic workplace.
  • A scoring system helps you to keep an eye on client satisfaction and risk management.
  • A real-time calendar helps you to keep an eye on time and deadlines.

Main features:

  • fully digital
  • immersive simulator
  • reality-based
  • quick to complete (2x30mn)
  • targets lawyers
  • accessible in English

Ready to play? Order your licence for 50 € (exc. VAT) now.

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