In-Depth: Space Law Review – 5th Edition – Luxembourg Chapter – Bob Calmes, Błażej Gładysz-Lehman and Laurent Schummer

In-Depth: Space Law (formerly The Space Law Review) is a practical overview of the legal and regulatory frameworks governing space and satellite activities across key jurisdictions worldwide. With a focus on the most salient recent developments in this fast-evolving sector, it analyses the distinctive features of the law and commercial practice in each jurisdiction and looks at potential future trends.

Our experts Bob Calmes, Błażej Gładysz-Lehmann and Laurent Schummer are the authors of the Luxembourg Chapter.

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Luxembourg established itself very early on as a state that fosters entrepreneurship and the development of commercial activities in the space sector. By supporting the creation of SES, one of the biggest satellite operators in the world, and by creating legislation specific to the transmission of satellite services shortly thereafter, Luxembourg has demonstrated its ability to build a favourable environment for the structural development of activities relating to the use of outer space.

In this chapter, discover some cases analysis involving some different structures in Luxembourg.

Table of contents

I. Legal, regulatory and policy framework
II. Regulation in practice
III. Distinctive characteristics of the national framework
IV. Year in review
V. Outlook and conclusions

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