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Edouard is a Director in the Forensic Investigations, Corporate Intelligence & Litigation Support practice of Arendt Regulatory & Consulting.

Edouard draws on 10 years’ experience of providing financial and risk advisory services to law firms, financial institutions, corporates and public sector entities. He focuses on advising and helping clients on complex investigations and specialises in investigations involving fraud, corruption, sanctions, anti-money laundering violations and employee misconduct. He has extensive experience of providing tailored fact-finding to support litigation.

Edouard is skilled at communicating on complex technical and regulatory topics with law firms, IT teams and businesses. He is also an excellent problem-solver with great attention to detail. Thanks to his technical background (including software development, data analysis and data visualisation), Edouard is able to create tailored and efficient solutions for white-collar investigations to analyse data, test hypotheses and report on potential findings to relevant stakeholders.

  • Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Namur (Belgium)

  • Member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) since 2019

Before joining Arendt, Edouard held similar positions at consulting firms in Luxembourg, where he acquired experience in the analysis of large datasets and complex facts, and the management of multiple stakeholders and teams in large forensic investigations (including sanctions evasion, dividend arbitrage trading schemes, procurement fraud and embezzlement). He also provided assistance to financial institutions assessing their frameworks for combatting financial crime.