The asset management and asset servicing industries operate within a highly complex and ever-changing regulatory environment, making the Compliance Officer’s mission an increasingly challenging one.

Beyond the standard controls that Compliance Officers must perform and report on, they often spend considerable time addressing specific compliance issues or assimilating new regulatory requirements.


Arendt Regulatory & Consulting created CAROL to ease the burden on Compliance Officers. CAROL is a web-based solution relying on a cloud infrastructure that allows users to control the compliance of their regulated entity. CAROL is both a central point of access to regulatory texts and a compliance monitoring tool. Users can manage a customisable compliance control plan that permits an ongoing compliance risk assessment and scoring. At the same time, they can also access a regulation map that is tailored to fit the specific regulatory status of their entity.

CAROL was designed for the regulated entities of Luxembourg’s financial sector, including investment fund managers (with or without an additional MiFID license), investment firms and depositary banks, as well as for EU investment fund managers managing products in Luxembourg.

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