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It is becoming more and more important to establish new methods for quickly disseminating information. Documents need to be available and accessible 24/7/365 worldwide in order to reduce the length of transactions and provide tangible cost savings. Our Corporate and Investors services expertise has decided to offer to its clients a Virtual Data Room (VDR) solution designed to secure file sharing and giving them the possibility to access, at all times, the corporate documentation of the company(ies) domiciled with Arendt Services.

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Marie Druinaud

Marie Druinaud is a member of the Management Committee and of the authorized management of Arendt Services. Her focus is on compliance, legal and corporate governance matters and she sits on the Board of a select number of client companies. She has also developed a special expertise in the liquidations of regulated and non-regulated entities and has regularly been approved by the CSSF as representative of the Arendt corporate entity acting as liquidator. Marie was a member of the Versailles Bar (France) since 2000 and was admitted by the Luxembourg Bar to practice law in Luxembourg under her French professional title in 2004. Prior to joining Arendt Services, Marie first began her career wor...

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