General Counsel

The office of the general counsel

Our office of the general counsel plays a central coordinating role between the various organs and bodies responsible for the firm’s governance. The general counsel works closely with the strategy board and its various sub-committees, the chairman of the firm, the managing partner and the partners who hold a management function.

In particular, the general counsel:

  • Interacts continuously with the chairman of the strategy board in the preparation and coordination of meeting agendas of the strategic board and the preparation of board packs
  • Minutes the meetings of the strategy board and coordinates the communication of important decisions or positions to the firm's partners
  • Prepares the agendas of partners’ meetings, minutes decisions, organises the voting process and deals with any corporate filings required by law
  • Interacts on a daily basis with the managing partner to help coordinate and organise the day-to-day management of the firm, liaising with other business services, partners or governance bodies if required
  • Helps organise any follow-up and practical implementation of decisions taken by the firm’s governance bodies
  • Prepares and drafts the firm's internal and corporate documentation
  • Organises the firm's corporate agenda in terms of scheduling and organising governance-related meetings and events
  • Reviews or coordinates the drafting and review of contracts concluded by the firm with third parties
  • Acts as depositary for corporate documentation