Senior Manager

Frédéric Playe is a Senior Manager within the Arendt Corporate Solutions department at Arendt Services.

Frédéric has gained experience working in the corporate department of well-established professionals of the financial sector in Luxembourg, assisting mostly private equity firms, real estate with focus on US, European and Middle East markets.

Over the past 10 years, Frédéric worked closely in the administration and management of Luxembourg holding and financing vehicles, family wealth management companies, non-regulated corporate entities and securitisation companies.

In 2018, Frédéric joined Arendt Services S.A., working with private and institutional clients in the real estate, private equity and securitisation sectors.

Frédéric holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Master in European and International Law from the Nancy II - Université de Lorraine, France.

Languages: English, French.