Senior Manager

Pierre Schwartz is a Senior Manager in the Arendt Corporate Solutions department at Arendt Services S.A.

He has gained experience working in the corporate department of a well-established professional of the financial sector in Luxembourg, assisting mostly private equity and real estate firms with focus on US, European and Middle East countries markets.

He began his professional life in the year 2000 with professionals of the financial sector in Luxembourg and his international exposure has allowed him to gain an in-depth knowledge of applicable frameworks, standards and particularities, as well as business and cultural ethics.

He worked with private and institutional clients in the real estate, private equity and securitisation sectors, serving also as director on numerous Luxembourg and international companies.

He obtained his establishment authorization from the Luxembourg authorities in capacity as economical counsel.

He graduated with a Master in European and International Law and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Strasbourg, France; he is graduated from the German University of Saarbrücken, Germany holding a French German diploma in French, German and European Laws, and he obtained a graduation, a Certificate of Attainment in English language from the University of London.

Pierre joined Arendt Services S.A. on 1 January 2021.

Languages: English, French, German.