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Arendt Services provides you with a dedicated support through its platform and transparency of the full process of the tax reclaim services

Globalisation and complexity of the economic environment are creating new challenges for asset managers and other financial market players.

Taxpayers face the risk of excess taxation in source countries on income from investments.

The exposure of asset managers and their clients to such risks creates the need for alternative solutions to address these new challenges. One such solution is to file tax reclaims which offer key benefits including enhanced financial performance and improved financial capabilities.

However, tax reclaims are known to be time-consuming procedures associated with a high administrative burden. They require the collection of numerous documents to comply with the domestic tax process of each country involved, as well as in-depth knowledge of international and local rules of taxation.

Arendt has developed a comprehensive answer to this need. Combining tax and legal expertise with tax reclaims management technology, we offer a unique solution delivered by a reliable team of tax experts with broad withholding tax experience.

Its purpose: to facilitate a smooth process of recovering withheld taxes, in a manner adapted to match each client’s specific needs.

Our operational tax experts identify the available tax reclaim opportunities under multiple legal bases, including double tax treaties, European law and domestic law.

Each reclaim process path includes:

  • Investment portfolio analysis
  • Identification of the best withholding tax reclaim opportunities
  • Full access to the tax reclaim process for our clients
  • Investment portfolio monitoring until refund
  • Ensuring that clients enjoy the most favourable withholding tax rates applicable

Arendt offers this outsourced solution to support clients in full regulatory compliance at each step of the tax reclaim process, with:

  1. Data collection
  2. A business case identifying all reclaim opportunities
  3. Documentation collection and production for validated claims
  4. Filing the tax reclaims with the relevant tax authorities
  5. Claims tracking
  6. Reimbursement and allocation

All steps in the process can be managed easily on a user-friendly web platform developed internally for this purpose. The platform provides a full, real-time overview of the workflow, transparency and exchange of information, applying cutting-edge cyber-security standards.

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