Our sustainability journey

Learn about our commitment to sustainability

A commitment focusing on strong fondamentals

Through innovation, knowledge building and targeted patronage, Arendt continuously strives to foster the motivation and well-being of its staff, serve the best interests of its clients, protect the environment and support education.
Arendt has decided to streamline its sustainability strategy, focusing on strong fundamentals: its people, the environment, innovation and education.
These fundamentals guide and amplify our impact on our projects, investments and philanthropic initiatives.

In order to disseminate its sustainability strategy at all levels of the firm, Arendt has put specific governance measures in place. They include a collaborative set of committees, currently made up of the Sustainability Committee, the Sustainability Steering Committee, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the internal Diversity and Inclusion Network at Arendt. We also rely on dedicated contact persons at Partner level and at the level of support functions, who respond to sustainability queries by our clients, partners and staff.