A commitment focusing on strong fundamentals

Through innovation, knowledge-building and targeted patronage, Arendt continuously strives to foster the motivation and well-being of its staff, serve the best interests of its clients, protect the environment and support education.
Arendt has decided to streamline its sustainability strategy, focusing on strong fundamentals: its people, the environment, innovation and education.

These fundamentals guide and amplify our impact on our projects, investments and philanthropic affiliations.

Within Arendt Group we value and support diversity and inclusion.

We value any difference in our workforce, whether this is related to age, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability or medical condition, social or economic class, education, or any other characteristic that makes a person unique.
Our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to all practice areas and business services and is applicable, but not limited to all decisions relating to recruitment, hiring, training, placement, mobility, advancement, compensation, benefits and termination, and social events.
Therefore, we have established the following strategic objectives:

  • apply the principles of equal opportunities at all levels and integrate people by driving talent acquisition and management practices to support this aim;
  • create an inclusive work environment that fosters creativity and innovation and promotes colleague engagement through awareness and inclusive leadership skills training and advance Work Life Flexibility;
  • ensure that diversity and inclusion initiatives, actions and results are transparent and create diverse and inclusive communication to involve and engage all staff, clients, suppliers and subcontractors;
  • hold leadership accountable for diversity and inclusion goals and objectives and encourage all staff, clients, suppliers and subcontractors to work in favour of non-discrimination.

We are signatory of the Diversity Charter Lëtzebuerg our commitment to the promotion and management of diversity through concrete actions that go beyond legal obligations.

We are a member of IMS Luxembourg, Inspiring More Sustainability - the leading network of Luxembourg companies involved in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

In December 2020 Arendt received the “Actions Positives” Label 2020 by the Luxembourg Ministry of Equality between Women and Men. The award recognised Arendt’s action plan in the programme, which followed-up the in-depth study of the well-being of our staff, funded by the Ministry.

In 2019, The Diversity Awards Lëtzebuerg recognised Arendt’s initiative to raise awareness about unconscious bias and promote talent through the Arendt Speech Contest.

Innovation has been a driver of Arendt’s culture. We think outside the box, anticipate rather than follow. Being at the forefront of change and at the cutting edge of technology means investing in innovative solutions, tools and ideas.

Discover all our tools and innovative solutions here.

Education, like innovation, is at the heart of Arendt. By the very nature of our professions, we strongly encourage knowledge sharing, training and learning for our staff, our clients and through NGOs (Toutes à l’école, Pour un Sourire d’Enfant…)

Educating is also sharing. And that is what we do with our passion for art.

Art forces us to broaden our minds: it challenges, raises questions, and shows us that everything has to be questioned regularly. Those principles are fundamentally in line with our profession.

For a number of years, the firm has shown its commitment to the art of photography by exhibiting artists from all over the world at its premises situated in Kirchberg.

Therefore, our support for MUDAM, which dates back to 2010, is part of a global approach that places the sharing of this passion at the heart of our approach; internally with our staff via exhibitions or meetings with artists, but also with our clients and even the public, who can visit our collection every weekend.

In addition, Arendt proudly supports the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra Academy.

This newly created programme helps foster the education of talented young musicians. They have the chance to perform with outstanding conductors, work with brilliant musicians within the context of an extensive coaching programme, chamber music projects and workshops.

Carbon footprint reduction and waste management

At Arendt we thrive to compensate our CO2 emission and reduce our overall carbon footprint to have a positive impact on climate change. To do this we have following measures in place:

Our buildings have been designed with the environment in mind: heat insulation through automatic blinds, reusing rain water, natural materials, smart lighting and recycling stations. In addition, our new Arendt 9 building is certified BREEAM Very Good. Finally, the Arendt Group is certified SuperDrecksKescht® (a Luxembourg waste management certification).

Moreover, we also support IMS Luxembourg’s initiative to fight single-use plastic pollution. As a signatory to the “Zero Single-Use Plastic” manifesto, we therefore banned the products covered by the “Zero Single-Use Plastic” manifesto by the end of 2020 and opted for sustainable replacements.



We promote biodiversity to preserve local ecosystems and maintain healthy conditions for organisms with these actions:

  • Bee hives with 150.000 bees on our roof terrace to support pollination in our neighbourhood.
  • Corporate gardens around the buildings and green facades
  • Planting more flowers in the green areas and on the roof top terrace to support our bee population
  • Launch of urban farming project for staff on the roof top terrace
  • Rainwater collection from buildings to water green facades and corporate gardens



Luxembourg is the world’s first country to provide free public transport. We encourage our staff to use public transport to come to work. Other mobility measures have proven their positive impact over the last years:

  • Collaboration with LuxMobility to map out staff’s travel aspects
  • Good public transport accessibility for both locations: tram, bus, train, even faster than using the car
  • e-Mobility fleet for professional and private use: e-cars, e-bikes and e-scooters
  • E-charging bays for private electric and hybrid cars

Arendt’s ESG commitment is not only limited to our own company and staff, but expands to fight global challenges like poverty, environmental degradation and inequality.

Therefore Arendt also support selected charities to ensure quality education, improve lives, achieve gender equality, improve health issues and well-being for entire families:

  • “Pour un Sourire d'Enfant” helps Cambodian children escape from destitution and lead them to decent, skilled and well-paid job through programmes for food, health, protection, education & schooling, vocational training and help for families.
  • “Toutes à l’école” supports underprivileged girls in Cambodia, consisting in education, food and medical monitoring (general medicine, vaccinations, dental and eye care), including support for their families until the girls get their first job.
  • “Graine de Vie” which supports reforestation projects in Madagascar, Togo, Benin, Cameroon and Ghana. The local nurseries create job opportunities, improve live conditions for people living in these areas, and raise awareness on environmental protection.
  • “Friendship Luxembourg” support Friendship Bangladesh and provide a support structure in terms of human resources, research & development and fundraising.