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Feb 3, 2022
9:00 AM


Feb 3, 2022
12:00 PM
Where ?
Arendt House
41A, Avenue John F. Kennedy
L-2082 Luxembourg-Kirchberg


The objective of this training (in English language) is to introduce professionals from the financial industry to the challenges and particularities faced by FinTechs when dealing with banks, the way to best organize to work with FinTechs and to get the best out of such a collaboration. 

In 2020, Arendt conducted a study on the collaboration between banks and FinTechs, which highlighted significant barriers within banks to effective collaboration with FinTechs, which must be found in the organisation, governance, decision-making processes, risk management, mobilisation of CEOs, IT readiness to name a few, but also in the expectations towards FinTechs and the perception of what they are. During this training, we will review the different obstacles within banks, the main challenges faced by FinTechs and by banks and we will give some hints on how to best organize.

Upon completion of this training, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of the challenges to work with FinTechs and concrete recommendations to make such projects a success.


  • The FinTech landscape – an overview
    • Overview of FinTechs as an in industry and key characteristics (domains, types of FinTechs, maturity and size, situation in Luxembourg)
    • Impacts for banks and how to approach
  • Key challenges in financial institutions and FinTechs across the life cycle of a project
    • The organization of the innovation
    • Head-office vs. local office
    • Identifying FinTechs and getting in contacts
    • Selection process
    • Contracting
    • Delivery
    • Impacts for banks and how to approach
  • Regulatory constraints, where do we stand
    • Outsourcing and cloud solutions
    • Distributed ledgers technologies (DLT) / Blockchain
    • Data confidentiality
    • Other regulatory constraints
  • Key success factors for a bank and practical tips to deal with FinTechs
  • Conclusions: main take-aways

Our approach is practical and based on concrete examples from our past projects and from our research. It is also a unique opportunity for participants to ask any questions related to problems encountered in the past.


Denis Costermans (Lead Advisor, Business Advisory & Banking, Arendt Regulatory & Consulting),
Thomas Magnier (Business Advisor, Business Advisory & Banking, Arendt Regulatory & Consulting),

Target Group

  • Members of Executive Committees, Senior Management and Business Lines leaders in financial institutions considering working with FinTechs
  • Directors in boards of financial institutions
  • Professionals in charge of innovation and relationship with FinTechs (Chief Digital Officer, Head of Innovation, Chief Innovation Officer, etc.)
  • Any professional who is interested in a future collaboration with FinTechs and who need to prepare to the best


3 hours


English (a French date is available on 28 January)





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